Some Essentials before Buying E-cigs

E-cigs or E-cigarettes are an initial used for electronic cigarettes. People use e-cigs in order to quit the habit of smoking. Nicotine is very harmful for the smoker. It causes cancer and other harmful diseases. E-liquids or e-juices are used in the e-cigs. It lessens the chance of any diseases in human body. Herbal tea, fruit juices and candies are the flavor used in the e-cigarettes. A diluted form of nicotine is also used in the e-cigarettes. It does not cause any harm to the smoker. Nicotine is used in the e-cigarettes in order to give a smoker a taste of tobacco.


It is very hard to quit cigarettes in a day. The smoker has to go through craving of cigarettes in the initial days. E-cigarettes help the smoker to overcome this craving. The smoker may use e-cigarettes. Use of E-cigarettes will start the process of quitting regular cigarettes.

There are few things one should look after before buying the e-cigarettes. They are:

Starter kit: The smoker should buy a starter with all the necessary equipment of the e-cigarettes. There are many starter kits available in the market ranging from $10 to $150. You need to choose the start up kit cautiously. Starter kit comes with batteries, 1 wall adapter, 1 USB charger. These are essential for e-cigarettes. The smoker needs to see if the tank of the cartridge is clear or not.

Disposable or refilled cartridges: The smoker needs to think about the reason of the cartridges. There are disposable and refilled cartridges available in the market. The smoker needs to choose cartridges according to their needs.

Battery: The e-cigarettes should have a long lasting battery life. It would help them to have a desired number of puffs with a single battery.

Types of initiation in the e-cigarettes: The initiation processes of e-cigarettes are very important. The single initiation process can be accidentally triggered. Therefore the smoker should use an e-cigarette with multiple clicks. The modern e-cigarettes usually have five clicks initialization process. It reduces chance of accidental initialization.

Cost effective: The e-cigarettes are much less expensive. E-cigarette cost about $2.20 in comparison to the regular which cost about $10.

Trial process: The new e-cigarette smoker could take a trial process in order to know the benefits of the e-cigarettes. It will also help you to understand the brand.

These are various shops in the market. You can also go online to buy e-cigarettes as they provide more number of brands in low cost. There is more information available on the e-cigarettes online. For further details you can log into